3rd installment of our build, this time we are focusing on making the cabinet less… ugly..

First up, the control panel is really worn and a terrible yellow colour with a weird pattern, so off it comes.

BBH-1 (12) BBH-1 (17) BBH-1 (18)

Using the heat gun made it much easier, but the glue was terrible when it got too hot, really need to make sure you do it in a ventilated area, I used my garage and kept all the doors open to air it out.

BBH-1 (19) BBH-1 (31) BBH-1 (13)


After pulling the control panel off, it was obvious the machine was once a bowling arcade cab, it was also obvious someone spilled their can of soft-drink on the panel :(

BBH-1 (20) BBH-1 (21) BBH-1 (22)

Even though the stain was un-seen my OCD made me sand it back and clean out the whole void in the control panel.

Next up, time to get rid of the terrible yellow trim and replace it with some nice black T-molding

BBH-1 (16) BBH-1 (15) BBH-1 (45)


Ordered some black vinyl car wrap from ebay for the control panel, it was pretty hard to lay it out without air bubbles, but I plan of getting the remaining air bubbles out by using a razor and then re-installing the perspex panel back over the top.

BBH-1 (46) BBH-1 (49) BBH-1 (48)


You can see where the holes from the controls were, I will probably plug them using blank buttons, just to keep the option open to convert the cabinet into a MAME box or fighting style game in future.

Using these:



That’s about all I’m going to be doing to clean up the cab, I may print an insert for the control panel to slide under the perspex to hide any imperfections in the wrap and also break up the colour, perhaps and Moose Gaming logo!