Since the whole project is going to be about shooting a custom shotgun with recoil, it only make sense to have a solid sound system to upset everyone near by!

For Project BB I’ll be using a Logitech z506 – 5.1 surround sound system from a PC, because why not.. We’ll be using some super strong double sided tape to secure the new speakers but also so they can be removed in future.



First off, we simply take off the grills, clean out the years of dust and grim from the grill and interior. In go the shiny new surround goodness!


BBH-1 (52) BBH-1 (57)IMG_2560


A nice center speaker in the control panel so it’s close by.


BBH-1 (50)



In with the new left speakers!

IMG_2563 IMG_2566  BBH-1 (59)


And now for some big bass “fully sick” subwoofer!

I’m removing the old coin box from the cab to place the sub in the front so its close to the player and easy to access via the front door, plus we won’t be using a coin mech on this machine.


IMG_2582IMG_2605 IMG_2606


Now to just plug the speakers into the sub and the whole system into the motherboard, which will be installed next!