This was the first MAME cabinet we built, there’s not too many photos because it was a year or so ago.

The cabinet began life as some MDF from Bunnings and a large CRT from Cash Convertors, I had it running on and old Intel Pentium 4 and a GeForce card using S-Video.

We used and IPAC 4 for this cab so it would support 4 players, along with Sanwa steel based sticks and competition grade buttons, all thanks to OzStick


IMG_0272 IMG_0395 IMG_0407 73537_152346321474649_182948_n 37156_152347304807884_2522217_n 33586_152346424807972_8246764_n


The MK1 version lasted a good year or so and ran the full MAME game list with some other consoles via HyperSpin

One day I fired it up and the CRT had broken, so we decided to trim the cab down, get and LCD screen and re-design the cab, we also upgraded the hardware to a 1tb HDD, AMD dual core 3200+ and an nVidia 8600 GTS. Here’s how it went.

IMG_2570 IMG_2571 IMG_2572



You can see the old cabinet had already been painted in black, so it was sanded back and cut down to about 3/4 the overall width and a bit shorter to fit in it’s new home, I gave the Arcade internals to my friend Hayden hence the name “ArcHayde”.

The internals all went in to his new trimmed down cab and he did a custom sticker job that left the old cabinet for dead.

IMG_2573 IMG_2574 IMG_2575



Mock up and installation of the 4 players locations.

Stickered up in pure awesomeness, mix of DBZ and Mortal Kombat.

IMG_2576 IMG_2577 IMG_2578


MAME got a bit old so we decided to add some light guns and Big Buck Hunter, this was the inspiration for Project Big Buck, the game was just way too fun not to dedicate a full on cabinet with shotgun.


IMG_1585 IMG_1686 IMG_1682 IMG_1685


Video of the front end before we trimmed the dupes out of the game list: