As with the Project Big Buck Hunter, this project started out by finding the cabinet really cheap on a local trading website (Gumtree).

We picked up the cab and it was in OK-ish condition, some slight water damage and some rust on the controls, some parts missing, no internals.. but it’s SF2, so it’s awesome.

First off, yes it’s an Australian Street Fighter II cabinet that is actually a “World Warrior” version, but I couldn’t find this PCB for a decent price and stumbled across a “The New Challengers” PCB which is pretty rare and it was at a price I couldn’t pass up. So yeah, it’s not 100% correct, but the thing is already a big enough project.

IMG_1618 IMG_1619 IMG_1642 IMG_1644


First off I cleaned all the years of storage dirt and dust using some Ajax and then got to ordering the buttons.

I went with:

  • 2x Sanwa steel based joysticks
  • 12x Sanwa competition grade switches
  • 4x Standard back-light LED Buttons
  • 1x Jamma Harness
  • 1x CPSII Kick Harness (on order still)

Assessing the damages to be repaired.

IMG_1655 IMG_1652 IMG_1651 IMG_1648


So there was water damage, locks were rusted in place, speakers were rotten, grill had mass amounts of dust and starting to corrode, bulb in marquee doesn’t work, power supply missing, game board missing, wood starting to de-laminate in places…. At this point I was considering throwing in and LCD and a PC and making a MAME cab.


IMG_1656 IMG_1657 IMG_1672 IMG_1674

You can see the marquee is missing bits and the controls were starting to rust.

The clamps in the last pic are holding the wood together with glue, this is how I re-laminated the wood. I applied this same technique to the whole cab using a few tubes of wood glue, heat gun and some more aggressive wind on U-clamps until everything was strong and steady again.

Next was to get the CRT mated to the Chassis and some internals.

IMG_1649 IMG_1703  IMG_1828 IMG_1826IMG_1653


The tube is “apparently” OK according to the guy I bought it off, so I’m going to attempt to get it going with the supplied Chassis, worst case I’ll buy a new setup from Jomac since I’ve decided I will in fact restore this cab and not MAME it.

So for now I’ve installed the Chassis to the Tube, I haven’t powered it yet since I’m still to source a power distribution box and step down converter. So the Chassis is installed and wired to the JAMMA harness.

You can see on the second picture where I’ve joined the video from the JAMMA harness to the Chassis, much like when we did the JPAC in Big Buck.


I managed to score a step-down and a power distro box from Aussie Arcades forum.

IMG_1825 IMG_1829 IMG_1776


So basically I have to create a wire with wall socket plug that goes from Mains Power to the 240v Distribution box which contacts a filter and fuses, from here it will be wired to a 110v Step Down Transformer (big brick) which will lower the voltage for the Chassis to power the tube (110v) without damage.

Then I have to install an Arcade Power supply which will supply the 12v to the Arcade PCB and lights / JAMMA Harness etc.


Now on to controls

IMG_1678 IMG_2129 IMG_3177

So the first pic shows my awesome package from OzStick, just ignore the PC components, like I said it WAS going to be MAME.

The next two pictures you can see me test fitting the controls and wiring up the JAMMA Harness, NOTE that only 3 buttons on each control area are wired to the JAMMA harness, this is because the Capcom CPS II system that I’m installing requires a secondary Harness known as a “Kick Harness” this basically allows you to wire in the other 3 buttons (named from kick buttons in a fighter) straight to the Arcade PCB, I’m still trying to source the Kick Harness and might just make one if I cant get one.

They look like this:


The latest problem if you look at the last two pictures side by side is RUST. 

The control panel came with some surface rust and it got out of hand really fast while I was waiting on parts to arrive, so I’ll be wire-brushing that all back and sealing it with some clear coat spray paint in a future post.


Finally my Street Fighter II The New Challengers PCB showed up, which is running on the Capcom CP system 2 as I mentioned. I even got the original manual.

IMG_3186 IMG_3187 IMG_3188 IMG_3190


That last picture is a coin counter read out which shows 15102 credits have been bought (I think). Which is pretty damn cool.


So the next steps are:

  • Wait for kick harness to show up
  • Order Arcade 12v Power supply
  • Remove surface rust and restore controls
  • Restore speakers and amp
  • Get a new fluro for the marquee
  • Install PCB and get this thing going