Project Big Buck came about when I found an old shooter style arcade on Gumtree with apparently a working CRT.
Upon further inspection it was a re-purposed bowling arcade cab (had tokens from a bowling alley inside) used as a Big Buck Hunter cab.


BBH-1 (1)BBH-1 (2)






The goal is to strip it down and clean it up, instead of a correct BBH PCB restoration I’m going to place a computer inside with a Logitech surround sound system and create a custom plastic shotgun with recoil feedback.
The plan is to part out a standard USB light gun and create a small custom PCB with switch that will activate a solenoid when the trigger is pressed, using the right amount of counter weight and a strong solenoid there should be plenty of kick.
The PC will run all versions of the PC game Big Buck Hunter and have a custom installation of windows XP with it’s own front-end and loading screens.


BBH-1 (60)